Cool shit of the day: Edible Business Cards!

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Art, Cool Shit
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Don’t know if I would personally use such a thing but you got to admit that’s a pretty dope idea! 

Edible business cards? Sounds like a dream come true to me. Lady Fortunes Edible Business Cards are an original twist to your normal, everyday business card. Instead of using paper, these business cards are graham crackers that are wrapped in Belgian white chocolate and decorated with a picture of the original business card design AND it is 100% edible. Yum!!

The card measures 2’’ by 4’’ and is decorated with candy sprinkles in the colors of your choice, giving your contacts a sweet snack to remember you by. Businesses have the option of sending in a PDF-file of their card layout so that the edible cards can be matched to the original business card design, or they can create an original custom layout. There is also an option to send in the actual business card to add to each edible card so that your contacts have a quick snack as well as something tangible to keep. Not only do these cards advertise your business, they also offer something unique for your clients and may even attract a few new customers. Interested? You can order these business cards online at

more pics after the jump…

  1. Sounds like a great idea…but how will these potential clients remember your contact info with your email address and phone number in their bellies again?

  2. Ah fuck it, i think I’m gonna swoop on some anyway jk lol!

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