About Ground Breaking Beats

In the ever changing world of the music industry there is a few traits one must have in order to obtain success and longevity.  Not only being able to change with the game but develop a sound that is second to none. Ground Breaking Beats is all of the above.   From the big orchestral, epic sounds of a Dirty South banger to the bouncy synths of a club track, Ground Breaking Beats knows what’s hot and whatever is on the menu it’s guaranteed to please.  With a name like Ground Breaking Beats it is imperative to be just that “Ground Breaking” with the name spreading like a wild fire throughout the music industry in just a very short amount of time Sketch has become “One of the most sought after producers in the Midwest!”   

     On the other hand this is my blog so all the dope shit I come accross each day I’m sharing with you!  I encounter a lot of things online, by email and word of mouth so it’s only right I share it with the masses.  In this blog not only will I be posting my latest creations, activities, endeavours and mishaps but a bunch of useless information, pictures of chicks, cars, art, sports and news.  I’ll be cookin something up each day so be sure to check in from time to time.  Thanks.


Ground Breaking Beats







  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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