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I hope ya’ll are ready to party!!!  This is going to be the BIGGEST event this summer.  The line up is off the chain, there’s Camping, a carnival, MMA fights, stand up comedy, car shows, clubs, everything you could possibly imagine.  I hope we see you there!  here’s the official site for tickets and more info:



This Som-Bitch is tough.  Dubbed the sharpie car for reasons that are pretty apparent:

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– Supersports Coupe’s 612 horsepower twin-turbocharged W-12 engine
– 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds
– Tops out at 202 mph (making it the fastest four-seat convertible in the world)
– Peak torque stands at 590 pound-feet, which remains from 2,000 rpm all the way up to 4,500 rpm.
– Burns ethanol and other biofuels – meaning, regular gasoline or E85 bioethanol or any combination of the two.
– Carbon ceramic brakes

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