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The SlumFest is one of STL’s biggest Underground events and this is in reference to the 2012 awards show…There’s a bunch of categories but me and my team are only worried about a few!!!

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This Leaf Art Is Amazing!

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Jay- Z poses with the 2nd richest man (Bill Gates is #1) in America – Warren Buffett (net worth $48 Billion) on the cover of the Forbes 400 issue.

Jay-Z Is Getting Ready To Decode

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“I made my first mill’ off papi on the hill
I made it in the rap game speakin on the reals
I’m blatant cause I passed the statute of limitation
and I’m makin too much money to be goin to jail
Who else you know on probation
leave the country for a month to go on vacation?”

Jay-Z is scheduled to talk about his new book “Decoded’ which takes a look at his early life in Marcy Projects and gives insight into some of his most famous lyrics at the Celeste Bartos auditorium in New York on November 15th.  Here’s what he had to say about the book:

“It’s too much. For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed. So I was learning a lot of things I didn’t know as a child.  It’s not anything I haven’t said in the past, in songs. It’s just more detailed. A song is three minutes long. A book doesn’t have to rhyme, and it has no time limit, so you can say exactly how everything went.”

Pittsburgh native Cliff Maynard uses old roach papers to make his art come alive!
Besides the Dogfather, his portraits include Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon to name a few.

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