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Major shout out to for the front page feature of P.R.E.A.C.H.’s “The Message” video!  Over a 1000 views in ten minutes! Nothing but love from the UnXpected Music, Ground Breaking Beats, Trakk Pushaz and Infinite Style Productions family! You can check it out here:





The SlumFest is one of STL’s biggest Underground events and this is in reference to the 2012 awards show…There’s a bunch of categories but me and my team are only worried about a few!!!

We NEED you help!!! Please don’t forget to cast your votes:  Preach for “Artist of the Year” & “Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year” Ground Breaking Beats (ME) for “Producer of the Year”  it’s painless & only takes a few seconds!  Go here to cast your votes:  It would be a HUGE honor to win these category’s and with all the work we’ve put in over the years I think the trophy’s are in our sights!! Please and thank you!!!

To anyone wanting an invite to “The New Social Network” Google+ drop me your email…I gotta say it’s only in the test stages and i’m already addicted.  It’s seemless and to me they took everything wrong with Facebook and made it better.

I hope ya’ll are ready to party!!!  This is going to be the BIGGEST event this summer.  The line up is off the chain, there’s Camping, a carnival, MMA fights, stand up comedy, car shows, clubs, everything you could possibly imagine.  I hope we see you there!  here’s the official site for tickets and more info:


Adrianne Palicki from “Friday Night Lights”

via CNN:

What’s up with that?  If you guy’s enjoy looking and DL’n what I put up on this site let me know… I would appreciate it!


So just like with O.J. Simpson’s famous murder trial… the manslaughter trial for Michael Jackson against Dr. Conrad Murray will be televised it was announced today.  The trial which begins on March 24th is expected to last for about six weeks.