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The SlumFest is one of STL’s biggest Underground events and this is in reference to the 2012 awards show…There’s a bunch of categories but me and my team are only worried about a few!!!

We NEED you help!!! Please don’t forget to cast your votes:  Preach for “Artist of the Year” & “Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year” Ground Breaking Beats (ME) for “Producer of the Year”  it’s painless & only takes a few seconds!  Go here to cast your votes:  It would be a HUGE honor to win these category’s and with all the work we’ve put in over the years I think the trophy’s are in our sights!! Please and thank you!!!


Fresh out the lab…we were up late last night finishing this song.  With Tiny’s graceful voice on the hook and Preach and Veeno’s rapid fire lyrics this track is sure to please!  Please take a listen and give us some feedback, we’d love to know what everyone thinks of the record!  After all we do this shit for ya’ll! peace.

“They After Me” – P.R.E.A.C.H. ft. Veeno Gunna & Tiny produced by: Ground Breaking Beats


Certified Banger…take a listen and be sure to leave a comment, “like”, share and +1, thanks.

Here’s the link:



I hope ya’ll are ready to party!!!  This is going to be the BIGGEST event this summer.  The line up is off the chain, there’s Camping, a carnival, MMA fights, stand up comedy, car shows, clubs, everything you could possibly imagine.  I hope we see you there!  here’s the official site for tickets and more info:


I made this beat while going through a very hard time the past couple days…There’s a lot of emotion flowing through this track!  Ground Breaking Beats… 

Here’s the link:


This is an unreleased track by @PreachWG produced by yours truely: Ground Breaking Beats for the masses to enjoy!  I know ya’ll can feel what he’s talkin’ about…..

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